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Principal Architect Barry Peterson AIA
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    Architectual Planning & Design
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    Interior & Lighting Design

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    Landscape/Site Design

    including exterior circulation, living spaces and lighting.

About Studio 300A
Architect Barry Peterson (C29092)

has been practicing architecture since 1996 after having been an apprentice at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin / Taliesin West and an undergraduate at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

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Design Philosophy
To our mind a project is successful if it has a sense of inevitability about it, that it taps into the pre-existing patterns of the place it exists. This is not so much a matter of “bold” or “subdued” or of “style” as it is of truly belonging where it is. 

If it’s a home we are talking about we like to say “the home is at home where it is”. This may sound a bit heady or theoretical, but the feeling of a well designed building is quite the opposite; it’s a very primal, solid and visceral experience—and when it’s a part of one’s daily life it can’t help but to underscore the importance of that life.

One other thing that is important to us is the notion that good design is not so closely linked with big budgets. In fact, as the years pass we can often see an inverse relationship between the two.

Though based in Marin County, CA, we are focused most in small houses through modest means.

Our Portfolio

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